Tackle Tech Transformation in an Omnichannel World

Actionable strategies for digital transformation challenges 

What strategies do you employ to seamlessly integrate digital and physical shopping experiences for your customers? 

In today's fast-paced industry, businesses face unprecedented challenges from digital disruption to shifting consumer preferences. Recognizing these pain points, our two latest eBooks offer invaluable insights and strategies. 

These guides dive into merging digital and physical shopping realms, understanding 'smart retail' and how to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. You’ll learn to: 

🚀 Unlock the secrets to smarter pricing and inventory control. 
🌐 Get the playbook for future-focused retail technology and stay ahead. 
🛍️ Omnichannel? Nailed It.—Deliver stellar shopping experiences everywhere. 
🤖 Seamlessly blend both digital and physical shopping with cutting-edge strategies. 
💡Harness AI to gain inventory ingenuity and leverage competitive intel for smart selling.

Find out how to boost your business strategies—download our eBooks today and gain future-proof solutions.

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 We did RFPs with four or five other providers. Not all of them were apples to apples, but Centric Market Intelligence impressed us with its capabilities and usability. It was by far the most user-friendly interface—intuitive, visual, something our merchants and teams could really sink their teeth into. It gave us a whole slew of visibility; how our assortment compared to competitors from a brand standpoint classification. That was a really big feature, and the search and trend and promotion visibility was a real bonus.
   — Director, Brand Portfolio, Merchandise Strategy & Insights | Neiman Marcus 


 Our speed to market has increased and Centric played a big role in enabling that. Centric PLM has given us the visibility that we need.
   — Senior Manager of Information Systems, Product & Brand | Arc’teryx


 Having Centric in place saves everyone about 10-15 percent of their time on a day to day basis, mainly because people don’t have to spend time searching for the right answers, asking questions and re-confirming whether information is up to date.”  
                — Vice President of Global Inventory Management | GUESS 


 We decided on Centric Market Intelligence because of the maturity of the product. We looked at an alternative solution but we didn’t feel like they were quite there yet; they seemed too much like a startup while Centric Market Intelligence is tested, it’s validated and has big name clients.
   — Design & Buying Manager for Womenswear | Lindex

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