What products are your competitors selling?

  • Centric Pricing helps you understand your competition – what kinds of styles, colors, sizes and other product attributes do they offer? What is the overlap with your assortment? Which products are unique to you?

What do consumers want?

  • Know what trends are up and coming based on competitive sell-through and market search data. Are sustainable or eco-friendly products selling at a higher price point? Are brands and retailers raising prices to account for inflation? Only to discount later?

How to price products competitively within the market, by channel and by geography?

  • Understand pricing and discount strategies within your own market, of your own competitors, even of your own brand or e-com site. Are you pricing optimitally yourself or leaving profits on the table?

What is your understanding of the competitive landscape and market to optimize product go to market?

  • Centric Software® solutions supply the intelligence and market insights needed to optimize your overall product offer and also to optimize the execution of that plan.
    • Centric Planning™ includes Merchandise Financial Planning, Assortment & Range planning as well as allocation and replenishment to maximize sell through.
    • Centric PLM® has one actionable version of the truth for all design, development, sourcing and production information to accelerate time to market, reduce cost of goods sold and boost efficiency.

What customers say about Centric Pricing

"[The Centric Pricing] solution has enabled us to better benchmark our assortment, pricing and promotional strategies against the competition, saving time and driving results."

-Neiman Marcus logo

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How Centric Solutions work

Pricing and Product Matching

Plan and Decide Visually

Execute with PLM

Retail unified price, promotion and markdown optimization. AI-powered tools for competitive assortment benchmarking, price optimization, and trend forecasting.

  • Competitor market intelligence with e-commerce data of consumer search trends to see what's rising and declining in relevance, and ultimately tailor your offering and messaging to fit your target audience needs.
  • Product price and availability changes, and state-of-the-art technology powered by image analysis and machine learning, giving you the most accurate matching in the market.
  • Best-in-class image recognition and attribution, our rapid e-commerce smart tagging automates the extraction of all the important design-level attributes, not only putting products in front of consumers faster but also identifying customer-relevant search terms.

Ground-breaking platform enabling teams to visualize data from many enterprise solutions. Available as a standalone solution or integrated with PLM. Six powerful modules orchestrate end-to-end go-to-market planning and product execution to manage assortments, maximize product margins and improve sell-through.

  • Bring data from multiple systems into one visual format
  • Streamline decision-making and vastly speed go-to-market meetings
  • Enable multi-device collaboration and work together or remotely

Cloud-native SaaS PLM with built-in product category-specific best practices. Highly configurable and easy to use to design, develop, source and manufacture products with rapid implementation.

  • Boost efficiency with one version of product truth in a single digital platform
  • Seamlessly integrate with ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, QMS, 2D and 3D design software
  • Agile DeploymentSM means tangible benefits within months, with the fastest ROI in the industry

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