The Supply Chain Debrief

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[Digital Insights Report]

The Supply Chain Debrief: 4 Ways Retailers can Thrive in 2022 and Beyond

McKinsey & Company recently reported that 50% of companies have started a major transformation to achieve speed and flexibility.

In challenging times such as these, inactivity is the most dangerous move. Decision makers must assume supply chain disruptions are here to stay, and set strategies accordingly.

To mark the beginning of this new, digital-first era for retail, the Centric Software experts have gathered insights from industry changemakers and identified the 4 main categories driving change in retail operations right now.

Click below to read the full Digital Insights Report and take a deep dive into how your business can:

  • Counter shipping and logistics chaos
  • Anticipate and pivot to meet fluctuations in demand
  • Level up your sourcing strategy
  • Adapt to the rise of e-commerce

All with the help of next-gen digital tools!