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The retail reset: How CPG companies can balance supple chain management, quality, compliance and sustainability

The global pandemic has pushed the CPG landscape in a new direction. Now more than ever, consumers are conscious of the environmental and ethical implications of the products they buy, with more people respecting companies and brands that utilize modern technology to adopt eco-friendly practices at all stages of the supply chain.

Centric Software has compiled a free insights report (read time: 4mins), outlining the urgency of balancing supply chain management, quality, compliance and sustainability. In this visual and digestible PDF, you’ll:

  • Understand the trends that are affecting the UK CPG landscape at the moment
  • Read opinions from experts in the field
  • Learn how digital tools enable businesses to promote sustainability and maintain quality
  • Reflect on how you work now
  • Set clear goals for success in 2021

In the report, we highlight the way digital tools allow businesses to champion sustainability and ethical business practices. The document reflects on the responses to marketplace disruptions in 2020 and provides clear guidance on how consumer goods businesses can triumph in 2021, with the help of digital transformation tools such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).