Two Live Events Presenting
Game-Changing Solutions for Retailers


Attend one or both of these exclusive live events featuring live demos and discussions with Centric PLM™ experts that will transform the way you work in 2021.

Live Event One - Oct. 29:
3D + PLM: Your Complete Digital Workflow from Idea to Consumer

Are you harnessing the full power of 3D to enable your digital strategy?

Thanks to new innovations, you now have the ability to unite 3D with a modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to revolutionize the way your entire organization works. Get ready to remove the barriers between traditionally siloed departments.

Live Event Two - Nov. 5:
Still Making Tech Packs? Modernize and Liberate Your Product Development Workflow

Still wasting time making Tech Packs?

Time to get back to your business! Join our webinar Still Making Tech Packs? Modernize and Liberate Your Product Development Workflow and find out how you can streamline product data so that Tech Pack “creation” is a thing of the past. 


Can’t attend any of these webinars or cannot wait? Contact Centric Software® for a demo of Centric PLM™. Enable remote collaboration Increase speed to market Gain visibility into product development…with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing.

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