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The Manufacturing Market Speaks

15 Amazing Companies Share Their Operational Experience


What is Manufacturing PLM?

Manufacturing PLM is a foundation technology that provides a ‘single source of truth’ for product-related processes in a central, digital location, updated in real-time and accessible to everyone who is involved in getting a product from initial concept to completion and delivery, from design to sourcing to your customers.


5 Benefits of Manufacturing PLM:

1. Increase collaboration with their brand and retail customers

2. Improve accuracy of technical information to maintain quality

3. Reduce costs of duplicated work and errors

4. Focus on value-added work to drive growth

5. Speed up production timelines


15 Top Manufacturers and Fashion Brands Shared Their Adoption Journey

"There was too much emphasis on process, rather than products. We wanted a PLM solution to achieve one single source of truth across our operations, remove data duplication, reduce the time spent organizing data to free up resources for action and gain visibility into timelines and activities across the whole organization."

-Mingkwan Lotharukpong, Product Development Division Manager | VT Garment

Learn how brands such as VT Garment, Helly Hansen, ASICS, Brandix, ANTA and Regina Miracle successfully managed their day to day Manufacturing and Fashion operations with Centric Software's technology!