InterDesign Journey to PLM

Meet InterDesign

InterDesign is headquartered in Solon, Ohio and sells bath, kitchen and home organization products to over 100 countries. iDesign products are sold through retailers including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. InterDesign’s objective is to marry style and fashion with practical functionality. They want to excite consumers by providing high quality and stylish products.

Join Radu Ghiorghie, Design Director and Brandon Gray, Engineer from InterDesign to learn about their journey to PLM.

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Market Challenges of the Homeware Industry


Hear InterDesign talk about specific challenges of the home goods industry. Discover why InterDesign decided to turn to a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to meet the challenges of growth and a rapidly evolving marketplace head-on.

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Choosing the Right PLM Solution


Learn about InterDesign’s PLM selection process and the top 3 differentiators that influenced their choice.

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Putting PLM into Play


Hear from David Burke, Business Consultant, as he shares the secret of a successful PLM implementation. Discover how Agile Deployment℠ had InterDesign up and running quickly with Centric Home PLM even while internal teams transitioned to remote working.

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How Centric PLM™ is Benefitting InterDesign


Hear InterDesign explain how PLM improved team collaboration and gave them a streamlined workflow, freeing employees to focus on product innovation.

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Demo: InterDesign’s Favorite PLM Features


Catch Centric PLM in action with a demonstration of InterDesign users’ most-loved functions. See how you can centralize product information in one up-to-date digital space. Experience a highly visual interface with custom views that allow you to get teams on the same page.