Orchestrate an integrated go-to-market process with greater efficiency, creativity and speed.

    • Deliver the right products at the right time

      Get closer to consumers to deliver the exact products they want at the right time and price, in a seamless buying experience. Innovate, become more reactive and grow sustainably.

    • Respond quickly with real vs actual data

      Use real data from PLM to feed into planning to quickly understand in-season performance and trends. Provide actionable insights to make impactful production changes.

    • Visually sort products to boost sell-through

      Visualize data to make collaborative decisions in real time with Visual Planning. Work in tandem with data-driven retail planning tools and powerful PLM to speed the entire planning and go-to-market cycle.

    • Optimize efficiency with reliable data

      Align strategic decision-making and execution to develop product assortments efficiently and accurately. Data Planning leverages augmented intelligence and machine learning to guide decision-making strategies.

    • Plan early to drive omnichannel strategies

      Optimize customer experience in all stores and regions, across bricks-and-mortar and online channels. Coordinate buys, flexibly allocate inventory and anticipate consumer demand.

    • Be market-responsive and agile

      Balance and leverage different channels to manage uncertainty, quickly spot product opportunities, make real-time changes to products already in development and respond effectively to customers wants and needs.

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Flexible Planning and PLM Solutions

Data-led planning, visual planning and PLM work together to deliver powerful results. Manage complex supply chains, boost team collaboration, speed time to market, visually optimize product assortments and plan accurately to bring trend-right products to market.

Centric’s Planning and PLM solutions supercharge the entire end-to-end planning and product development lifecycle. Gain alignment between strategic decisions and operational execution across departments to maximize business performance.

Plan and Decide with Data

Plan and Decide Visually

Execute with PLM

Optimize financial forecasting, merchandising and in-season planning with a powerful, cloud-native, data-driven planning solution, embedded with AI capabilities.

  • Cloud-native solution with powerful performance, even during peak planning cycles
  • Simple and agile data model that is easy to use and highly configurable
  • Embedded advanced analytics and augmented intelligence empower planning automation

Ground-breaking platform enabling teams to visualize data from many enterprise solutions. Work with live data, feedback in real time and empower dynamic group decision-making.

  • Bring data from multiple systems into one visual format
  • Streamline decision-making and vastly speed go-to-market meetings
  • Enable multi-device collaboration and work together or remotely

Cloud-native SaaS PLM with built-in product category-specific best practices. Highly configurable and easy to use to design, develop, source and manufacture products with rapid implementation.

  • Boost efficiency with one version of product truth in a single digital platform
  • Seamlessly integrate with ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, QMS, 2D and 3D design software
  • Agile DeploymentSM means tangible benefits within months, with the fastest ROI in the industry

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