Say goodbye to guesswork when trying to develop accurate replenishment plans and hello to a user-friendly, intuitive solution that delivers on inventory optimization, to give you the competitive edge needed in today's market .

    Download the eBook and discover how AI-driven inventory optimization empowers brands and retailers to: 


    • Reduce operational costs 

      Place the right stock in the right places to cut down on unnecessary storage costs. 

    • Prevent overstocking

      Do away with wastage and stock only what you know you will sell. 

    • Re-balance stock

      Optimize product distribution for all products across all sales channels. 

    • Boost customer satisfaction 

      Meet customer demand to ensure repeat purchases and increased brand loyalty. 


      Place popular items where you know they will sell at full price to improve margins. 

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    "Relying on innovative technology like Centic Pricing & Inventory to optimize pricing has been essential for NKD to increase sales and margins, giving time back to our teams so they can focus elsewhere."

    — NKD Group GmbH 

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