You Already Have Presents, Lights and Mistletoe – Here’s a PLM Gift This Festive Season!

Has your current PLM got you saying no no no instead of ho ho ho?

Perhaps you’re feeling snowed under with the hundreds of emails, spreadsheets and files clogging up your inbox?

Christmas has come early this year – Centric PLM has answered all of your festive wishes!

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1. I wish there was an easy way to launch on-trend products, fast.

Centric PLM reduces time to market by up to 50%

2. One thing I would love this festive season is A PLM I can trust.

We are proud to have a 99% customer retention rate since Centric Software was founded in 2006

3. All I want this holiday season is fewer emails, spreadsheets and stress!

Centric PLM improves productivity by up to 50%

4. The only present I want this year is a new PLM.

Centric has empowered over 110 customers to make the switch from their legacy PLMs

5. This festive season I would love a PLM that lives up to its promises.

Centric Software never oversells and always works towards clear, achievable goals

Don't miss out on digital transformation this festive season!

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